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Change 4 Choice is a fundraising campaign that was founded in order to financially assist Planned Parenthood's efforts in providing safe abortions to women restricted by the Texas Senate Bill 8 (SB8) by the Texas legislature, which bans abortions past 6 weeks of conception (when a majority of women discover for the first time that they are pregnant). As a group of female high school students from Southlake, Texas, we strongly proclaim that this law is a direct abuse of power to our and all women's right to freedom, well-being, and life in the State of Texas. This law not only invades us of our bodily autonomy, but also strips access to proper medical care for legalized abortions. To help fight these dangers and risks to our reproductive and individual rights, we wanted to strongly show our support to all women in Texas who cannot afford to receive an abortion either out of state, or are in other dire circumstances, because this new abortion law allows for no exceptions whatsoever. We believe and argue that the health and freedom of a human being must be prioritized beyond any mandated laws that are mainly political in nature and not generated for any general welfare for its citizens. Further, every woman in the State of Texas should have the right to choose with free autonomy whether to have an abortion and not be restricted by the State. Now, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the US and the complete ban on abortion in Texas, Change 4 Choice will continue to fight for abortion rights and reproductive justice with an even stronger determination.

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